Staff are encouraged to nurture their own faith and understanding through opportunities such as further study in Religious Education and Theology, prayer and reflection, retreats and pilgrimages and other faith formation activities.

Brigidine College Randwick Staff FaithBrigidine College Randwick seeks a contemporary Catholic identity that is borne of the encounter between faith, life and culture. This encounter deeply permeates structures, processes, relationships and the learning and teaching context in a way that offers all students lifelong meaning and purpose. 

At Brigidine, we are formed through the Heads, Hearts and Hands framework. This ensures that we have the knowledge to be formed in our faith, deepen our relationship with God and be provided with opportunities to live out our Catholic faith in the community.

We achieve this by providing regular opportunities for all staff to join together in various ways such as staff retreats, spirituality days, social outreach and being formed in the charism of St Brigid.